Progress report

I haven’t updated the blog for about 3 weeks. Things got a bit shit and we’ve been busy since making up for lost time.

In the last blog the van had been in the garage a week and we had been keeping busy doing little jobs and having days out. Another week went by and the garage still hadn’t completed what they led us to be a 1 – 2 days max job! We can sleep in Elliots mums living room on a night but we can’t let Alfie near their dog so through the day we are on the driveway. The weather has turned now and it’s pretty miserable, sitting all day in the wind and rain makes me pretty miserable too! We have the use of a garage but there isn’t much space so we work on a bench at the open door so it’s pretty cold but were trying to stay upbeat! The apoxy resin arrived so we set the fossils to make our door handles.