We cut a hole in the side of our van!

This was intentional so don’t panic!

We woke up in the van this morning and shortly after TNT arrived with our new window. Massive thank you to Leisure Vehicle Windows (http://leisurevehiclewindows.co.uk) we called to discuss windows and ended up ordering exactly what we needed with ease and it arrived 2 days later! The customer service was top notch and we were impressed with what arrived. Everything we needed perfectly packaged. We read the instructions about 8 times and watched another YouTube video then went to work.

This was the scariest thing we have done so far!! We first traced the window onto a piece of card and made a template.

Yes we used an old chair as we didn’t have a step ladder but we wouldn’t recommend you do that!

It was quite difficult cutting through the metal especially at the curved edges! The whole panel vibrated like mad and the more we cut the more it started to flap!!

The first cut was slightly too small in two of the curved corners. We ended up cutting them twice! Better to be safe than sorry!!

We then cut the trim to size and added it round the edges. Part way through we both realised the window wouldn’t fit afterwards as we hadn’t allowed for the trim! So we decided to take it off again! It’s not needed anyway just a nice extra! It wasn’t worth risking overcutting!

We added the primer and applicator and then once it was time we installed the window. We taped her in for a few hours while it cured and set.

It was quite tricky but we mastered it.

When we open any door in the van there is a strip of LEDs that light up automatically. Weirdly when they lit up through the window for the first time it felt like a home!

The makeshift bed was reassembled ready to sleep in again. I woke up in the morning and I was so happy to see our new window (and it’s not fallen out!!)

We are so happy with it, we think we’ll get another one for the side door!


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