We slept in our new van!

Day 2 we treated all the rust and then used sikaflex on all the holes and edges of the wheel arches etc.

Whilst waiting for it to dry we packaged and posted our EBay sales and then started shopping!

We’ve ordered a porthole window for one of the back doors and a sliding vent window for above the bed at the side of the van. We sat in the van whilst ordering it all and even had our tea in there watching videos on a propped up IPad. We decided the roof needed lining and El suggested we use one of the throws he’d bought on Barcelona beach. We’ve used them to cover sofas and as wall hangings so it was a nice way to make the van feel like home.

Once the rust treatment had dried we sprayed over it all white.

Day 3

We whipped out the van lining and decided to give it a go lining it! We positioned it where we wanted it (with design central) and then we tested a corner with the adhesive. Seemed to work well so we just took it really slow and within an hour it was complete and refited to the cab! We love it, it turned out better than we expected and now we have a unique cab that no one else in the world has and it feels like home.

We organised all our belongings which are currently being stored in a garage! We are still selling items on EBay but instead of having an organised area I’m now doing it from my car boot!

We also started an Etsy shop 2 weeks ago as something we can try and continue on the road to keep a bit of income. In between van converting we are sourcing, buying, photographing, listing, promoting and selling jewelry!

Day 4

We marked out where everything will go with a sharpie pen and then started shopping again. We’ve bought a toilet, shower tray, 20inch 12v TV, adjustable TV mount so we can install above the bed and then pull out if we want to watch from anywhere else. We were gifted an old awning that needs fixing so we also had a look at that and then ordered a runner for it to fit to the side of the van.

We’re in contact with two different people in respect of electrics and solar panels. We are wanting someone to design the system to our requirements and wire ready for us to install were just waiting to hear back now.

We decided we wanted to sleep in the van tonight so we set up our old TV and made the mattress up on the floor and put Alfie’s bed next to ours. We put a film on but it was so cosy we all fell asleep before it even got going.


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