Van Build – Day 1

So today’s the day we start our van build!!

We woke at 7am and had to first pack our EBay sales and find the nearest post office and supermarket. We ended up finding a Tesco with a post office counter 8mins drive away. How convenient (paid for it with the Tesco prices though #RipOff)!

Then after a quick breakfast it began. First off we stripped all the board panels from the sides and ripped the floor up. Amazingly there was no rust!! Just tiny spots where the screw holes had been on the floor and the odd spec on the wheel arches. Then the bulk head came out and it was like a new van! So much light and it just looks a lot more spacious!

Then we scrubbed her clean and cleared the few bits of rust with an angle grinder! My first time using one, El had to show me what to do. I love being the apprentice and learning new things!

The heavens opened out of nowhere and a storm began… at least we got to see she’s water tight which is also good!

We had some lunch and ordered some supplies for tomorrow (I love you Amazon Prime with your next day deliveries) then took Alf for a run. Just as we were heading back it poured it down again we were lucky enough to run back and take shelter in the van just before we were completely drenched! We have some videos we might post on Instagram @wavy.wanderes

We’re all happy now ready to cook some food and then window shopping it is! But actually real window shopping which I have never done or thought I would even care about! How life changes! This time last year I was an Education and Training Manager in a law firm. Now I’m learning practical skills that will get me all the places I want to go.


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