How we bought our new home…

It’s become apparent that my boyfriend and I are are hoarders! When we moved into the house we are now we filled every inch with our worldly possessions and then bought more! We loved it, it was our perfect home, it was cosy and it felt safe and happy. We moved in during winter and with an open fire it was the perfect place to hibernate. The only problem with getting comfortable and hibernating is that you can become stuck. We didn’t want to be stuck, we wanted to be free! So after lots of talking, dreaming and researching we reached a tipping point and made the commitment to change our lives!

We were going to quit our jobs, sell everything we own, buy and convert a van and then…. well then we can do anything we want! How freeing is that.

My last working day was 21st May 2018 and that’s when it became real for me. Since that day we have worked on donating and selling everything that no longer serves us.

Our living room has become a storage facility with a ‘hot desk’ where we list, store, sell and package everything. The amount of packages we have posted is unreal. Here’s an example of a Monday post day! *Top Tip Sunday’s are the most popular bidding days on auction sites* I could have taken a ‘staged photo and made it look like the perfect set up but I will always be real in this blog. Changing your life is not easy and it’s not glamorous but it definitely is worth the hard slog!

Not every day was the same and sometimes it would have been easy to panic and quit the dream scared it wouldn’t work. But we know it’ll work because we’ll make sure it does. So here’s a slow day!

You name it we sold it! Not only did we sell clothes but also the now redundant coat hangers too! They do say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure but I’ve got to admit it has been quite difficult for me… the hoarder! I feel attachments to belongings that serve no purpose other than they remind me of someone or something, I even keep things I think might be useful at some point you know like ribbons and spare buttons all those kind of things!! My sister encouraged me to watch the Minimalist on and I’m glad I did. It explains how possessions actually bring stress and it’s freeing to let them go. So although it has been difficult for me and at some points emotional… it is freeing and it does feel amazing once you release it. You just gotta DO IT!

By the start of July we had found our perfect van and were able to not only buy but also tax and insure it with just our profits alone!! This money has come from all the things we were hoarding that we haven’t missed once! It’s like we’ve just exchanged everything we don’t want for exactly what we do want. It feels like good karma too. We’re saving items from landfill and making people happy with new belongings at bargain prices #WinWin

Big shout out to the Royal Mail and Idle Village Post Office. You’ve helped make this happen with every single package that arrived safely and your impeccable customer service👌

Now for the next chapter…


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