Van Life!!

So for those that don’t know I’m in the process of making a huge lifestyle change. My boyfriend and I have decided to stop dreaming and start making our dreams a reality.

When we first met we pretty much spent all our time together in a tiny appartment and we never argued once! We share the same views, are on the same wave length and just vibe together perfectly. This proved to us we didn’t need a lot of space to live together. Not a fan of our neighbours we started looking for a place to call our own but knew a house and white picket fence would never do for us. We started searching for land with the idea of building our home and growing our own food (we both have a dream of living off grid and one day it’ll be reality). The only problem was we couldn’t decide where we wanted to settle. Well we actually knew we didn’t want to settle. We just wanted to explore more.

So you can see how the idea of Van Life began. A travelling home that would enable us to chase our dreams and see the world. I’m pleased to say this is the start of our new journey!!! We’ve both quit our jobs and are in the process of selling pretty much everything we own (if you want first dibs on anything hit me up)!

Our plan is to convert a Ford Transit Van into our dream home. We will be completing the project with as minimal costs as possible and we will document how we do this along the way, so watch this space for updates on how we get on.


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