Motivational Quotes

Positive quotes can motivate and inspire, they can even help a mindset shift.

I saw a recent post that was against motivational quotes and whilst I understand the reasoning I had to write an opposing article as I don’t agree. Quotes have always helped me and this was evidenced this week when I attended a mentoring session at Horton Housing.

When I first walked into the training room I was drawn to a quote of the month board.

Quote Board

The one that struck me the most was November.

Image 1

It got me thinking! I have always hidden a part of my past I was ashamed of. That is until I realised how I could help others by sharing my story. I began sharing this part of my story by accident whilst volunteering at a recruitment fair. I was delivering a CV workshop and met a young girl who had lost her way. Her parents had brought her to me and insisted she draft a CV. She had no interest and point blank refused, the situation was becoming awkward so I did what I thought was best. I guided the parents to the refreshment area and then sat the grumpy teenager down away from them. I decided to lay my cards on the table and share my journey with her. It didn’t take long before I had captured her attention and she began asking me questions. I answered honestly and she then opened up and explained how she had arrived at her current situation. It all made sense and I completely understood the reason for her current mindset. I gave her some practical advice and guidance and her next question was… can you help me write a CV. Mission accomplished I had helped change her mindset and hopefully motivated her to make some positive changes in life.

It felt amazing to see this breakthrough and I left the event on a real high. Since then I have commenced a volunteer programme as a Mentor at a local school. Through this I have shared my story with more children along the way and again seen many positive results.

I have never shared this part of my story with work colleagues or anyone within the business world until now. I saw the quote and I thought to myself, now is the time to be completely open and share it. So here goes… I was permanently excluded from school at the age of 14. I missed the whole of year 10 whilst my parents frantically tried to find a new school that would accept me to sit my GCSE’s. I finally secured a place and I am delighted to say despite missing a full year of course work I passed all my GCSE’s with good grades. I will save the full story for a future blog post as I am proud to say I am no longer ashamed. All the challenge and hurdles I overcame have made me who I am today. Hopefully this part of my story will help inspire others in the future. The morale of the story is you can overcome anything if you really want to so don’t ever be ashamed of your past.

Let me know if you have a favourite quote and how this has helped you in the comments box below.

Let’s spread positivity in all forms including the quotes.

6 thoughts on “Motivational Quotes

  1. I’m so glad you decided to share this and I look forward to your future blogs and watching you grow. I love quotes I have Pinterest boards full of them! I agree that they can help shift mindset. I saw a quote recently that I really liked, it was “Leave people better than you found them. Hug the hurt. Kiss the broken. Befriend the lost. Love the lonely”. It made me think about the affect we can have on another person by showing them compassion.


  2. Hi Kimberley, I left school at 16 with no O’Levels and have been privileged to have has an amazing career as an in-house solicitor and now sharing my passion for leadership and business skills (self development:)) to others in the legal profession. I love motivational quotes and have some in my office, my training material or in my presentations where appropriate. Have you heard of the Get up and Go diaries they have wonderful ones and I use mine as a gratitude one) I do know how scary it can be to share my stories especially as I come from a generation that doesn’t. Well done. regards ann


    1. Thank you Ann I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and provide your feedbck.

      I am pleased you are a fan also and it’s great to hear your story, I am sure this will ispire other people out there too. Thanks for sharing. I may just purchase a Get up and Go diary for 2019.


  3. Can’t say I’m a lover of motivation quotes but life stories, such as yours are valuable and can clearly help others.
    We don’t all follow conventional paths to our careers. People’s life stories are not just interesting but often inspiring.
    Great piece


    1. Rob firstly thank you for taking the time to read my blog. And secondly thank you for taking the time to comment and provide your feedbck this is greatly appreciated.

      I understand quotes are not for everyone and that’s why I add my personal reasoning alongside, as you say real life stories add much more value. I’m very pleased to see a ‘non quote lover’ comment on this post. Thank you again and I hope you enjoy reading my new and future blog posts.


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